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Our Structure, more than being an Agriturismo, is also a Didatic Farm, because into the structure are carried out activities of hospitality and education of little scholastic groups, in wich is offered the opportunity to know the activities linked to the agricultural world. Su Madau Gioiosu offers to its guest the possibility to experiment and live in 1st person an educational "active" activity: the little visitors are involved into realization of a typical product of our agricultural farm, of wich cheese, the harvest of biologic fruit and vegetables from our garden, etc. Our Didactic Farm has been certified following verification of certain standards and parameters defined by the "Quality chart", in response to it, the DiDactic Farm Qualification has been conferred us by the regional administration.


 fattoria didatica con animali sumadaugioiosubeb vicino a cagliari sumadaugioiosuocasumadaupanorama sumadaugioiosubeb e agriturismo FATTORIA DIDATTICA

Visiting our Didatic Farm not simply is only a trip in the country, as the little visitors are received by operators wich have frequented apposite courses qualifyng for the activity of didactic animation. in our farm a child can discover directly many new things, maybe saw before only books; he play and has fun wich originality and creativity, learning the importance of tradition and the contact with nature.

Nowadays children and kids are costantly in contact with digital technologies of all kinds, ever more sophisticated, even more advantageus. Being sons and promoters of the good of this and theirs epoque is a beatiful thing, although is very important to integrate multimedial experiences of our children with manuality and concreteness given by activities that can evoke our traditions that can bring back boys and girls to the contact with nature, animals and the green. Because one day they'll inderstans wich road to choose is necessary that they have a clear idea of the long road from wich they came



In our Didactic Farm you can dirt our hands, collect fruit and vegetables, smell perfumes almost forgotten, and especially caress the animals of the farm.  In synthesis, urban and rural world are confronted.

The stucture is suitable to hospitate families with children, and animals are well allowed


Our mascotte: Sharon





Agriturismo - Didactic Farm Su Madau Gioiosu

Via della Montagna - 09010 Vallermosa (CA)

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